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REACH (Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health) is a project funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Sierra Health Foundation. 

Its aim is to develop and promote community strategies and policies that improve nutrition, increase physical activity and expand access to healthy foods in Stockton and within organizations that serve the region's African-American community.

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REACH partners with faith-based and non-profit organizations that serve the African American community, and the City of Stockton, in an effort to:

  • Increase opportunities for physical activity

  • Expand access to healthy foods and beverages

REACH also works with community members to advocate for policies to promote these goals. ​

REACH Accomplishments

REACH staff worked with fourteen churches and organizations that adopted policies to:

  • Remove sugary beverages  from their facilities and programs and promote healthy beverages

  • Offer regular physical activity breaks during the day

  • Support breastfeeding mothers 


Christina Rillon Peoples, Director of Local Policy

Tanice Wallace, Program Manager, Faces of Resilience 

Ericka Dorsey, M.Ed., Program Manager  

Erin Reynolds, Associate Program Manager 

Jordan Phillips, Youth Coordinator


About Public Health Advocates

Public Health Advocates (formerly the California Center for Public Health Advocacy) helps neighborhoods and schools become places that nurture health and well-being. We believe that neighborhoods and schools can be places where the physical, social, and economic conditions make health a reality for all people. Public Health Advocates works at the state and local levels to create healthy communities supported by policies that make the healthy choice the easy choice.



  • Passed the first state law to remove soda and junk food from schools

  • Passed the first state law to require fast food and chain restaurants to post calories so that customers can make healthy decisions

  • Helped over a dozen cities to adopt and implement policies to provide only healthy foods and beverages to the families they serve.

Learn more about PHAdvocates here.

Our Funders

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